If you are planning to get back with your ex in just a few days you must read these steps

Break up is not always easy. Some times after being without your ex you realize that you really loved them and the break up was a big mistake. Well, if you are thinking in conquer again your ex let me tell you that is not something easy to do if you don’t have a plan. However, if you have the right strategy and follow this next step by step advice, you are going to get back with your ex, period.

First: Identify the problemGet Back Ex

If you break up, means that something went wrong, but that didn’t happened in the beginning of the relationship. Everything was wonderful and there were not problems. It seems that your couple was perfect right? but than after month or even years, things started to relax a little bit and your perception of your couple changed. We can say that this is normal and we can attribute this to the law of entropy, if we don’t do anything to improve our relationship, after a wail is going to start to regress.

You must identify and recognize what happened and when happened. When was the moment when everything change? Of course was a thing that occur slowly over time, but in the bigger picture you can see what make your couple fall in love of you and what make them wanted to broke up. What was the problem? After recognize the problem, everything else is going to fall a place.

Second: Make the Changes

After identify and recognize the problem. You better start to making the necessary changes. If you ex fall in love of you once, that means that there is something in their way of thinking (this can be trough hundreds of different factors, like environment, ideals, experience and expectations), that make you to be the perfect candidate. If that change for your couple, or even if your ex started focus in another person, is because you change! You didn’t were the person that they thought you were. Now, here is the good news for you, YOU ARE! you were in a moment of time, but you change. You must become again to be that person.

Change is not easy and everybody resist changes, but if you are reading this article, is because you really want to get back your ex and you must pay the price. This changes imply to get start worry about your appearance, how you act with your ex (be that romantic and gentile person again), and also the little things that you did when you started the relationship. Reconciliation after separation is not easy, but is worth it when overcome everything and make it.

There is little things like, getting a new look, new clothe or changing the way of your apartment or house look like, that can give the impression to your ex that you are changing and you are not that person that they didn’t wanted to with.

This two first steps where internal thing that you should do. You can have 100% control of these. The next steps are completely different, are external or things that you should do to influence your ex.

Third: Confidence

Here is when the process of getting back with your ex started to get closer. There is anything more attractive than a confidence person. This is the opposite of what most of the people do, they feel very confidence and in some cases they do embarrassing things like begin to crying dramatically to their ex to get back. Those things are the opposite of being confidence! Don’t do that, you don’t need to start texting your ex every second or spy your ex Facebook every day. Giving some space and time is the best sign of you being confidence. Don’t try to call or contact your ex for a few days or even weeks. That is a good time also for your ex to cool down, may be they are going to miss you or they are going to be more prepare to see you again as the person who they fall in love.

An important part of being confidence is hang in out with other friends. Have some dates and have some fun. Don’t do what most of the people does, “being depress in your room for weeks”. Having some dates are a big sing for your ex that you feel confidence and you are going to become interesting again.

Four: “The Call”

Now after follow the step before you are ready to contact your ex. This is going to be a simple call, only letting them know how they are. Don’t say things like I miss you or I was thinking of you all the time. You must sound very polite, but very confidence and strong. Try the give the impression that you overcome the broke up. After that, left your ex take the next step, if they said something like: “we should do something” you should say yes, but not sound very excited. If your ex don’t say anything about hanging out or came over, you must wait. It maybe take a week, but they are going to try to see you again, promise!

In the date, you must look like the person that she fall in love with and look the most confidence you can be. All of these techniques are to trigger the feeling on your ex that you can live and have a good life without them. It can be a pride thing, but they are going to feel very bad about that and for other hand, if they also see that the confidence person is the person who they fall in love before, you are going to have your ex in your pocket.

Reconciliation After Separation can be even easier

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Reconciliation after separation in four days